“ALL GOOD NEVER BETTER” – Slow, Free, Relax, And Positive!

“How are you?” “How are you doing?” like that. It is difficult to translate into Japanese because usually we just say “Hello”(konnichiwa). These phrases have more meaning than just asking how you are. Using these phrases is part of an usual conversation here.

Sometimes when I say “How’s it going?”, people answer me with “Wonderful” or “Amazing” and a smile. This situation makes me happy, and I feel American people really enjoy their life. Don’t you think so?

They enjoy eating breakfast with friends, going hiking, having home parties, and so on. Certainly, Japanese people do this as well, but not as much. I have had many experiences that led me to believe that Americans are better at enjoying their life than Japanese people .

This clothes brand in Portland expresses these lifestyles. The location is behind the Powell’s City of Book, and one of the shops in Union Way.

To express the nuance of “ALL GOOD NEVER BETTER” in Japanese is very difficult. It means that you should be positive without thinking about negative things. The brand is originally from CA, and they have brand stores only in California and Portland within the U.S. In other words, it is a developing brand.

The store in Portland is very comfortable and cozy. I think tourists who are from other countries will find the stores inviting. Actually, the atmosphere will make you want to go look inside.

This is an outdoor lifestyle brand that has a west coast vibe. They create and produce goods that celebrate the outdoors, from city to summit or anywhere in-between. It means that this brand has images of skateboarding and surfing, so it suits a city life. Also, these clothes are colorful and vivid, so it may make you happy.

The representative of this brand, Jason Magio, had an image of freedom and health when he started the brand.

If you enter the shop in Portland, you can see surfboards, skateboards, motorbikes, and some green plants. the atmosphere made me feel like I wanted to partake in outdoor activities.

I think the price is very reasonable. They choose reasonable materials to make clothes cheaper. These are very stylish and functional.

In these stores, there are two different brands, “Official” and “ALL GOOD.”

Official, which started in 2007, has more of a street style versus ALL GOOD, which has more of an outdoorsy feel. ALL GOOD started 4 years ago. It still keeps its street style, but has more functionality for the outdoors.

It has not only clothes, but also hats and small accessories. When I first entered the store, they were choosing clothes to put on the manekin, and they asked me to help decide. I felt like there was a very laid-back vibe. Japanese people don’t usually think of Portland when they want to do outdoor activities, but I think it is one of the best places for it. Just a little under an hour away, Mt. Hood is a popular spot for hiking in the summer, and skiing in the winter. For people who feel that hiking a mountain is too difficult, I think Forest Park is a good choice. It is very close to the city, you can experience nature, and you might even get to see some animals. In the city, many people enjoy riding their skateboards and bikes.

Since a lot of people enjoy the outdoors, there are a lot of outdoorsy brands. For example, Columbia is a popular brand in Japan, and originated in Portland.

As there are many outdoors brands in Portland, why did I choose to highlight this one?
The reason is that this April, they opened their third store in Tokyo. Many people wonder with stores in Sacramento and Portland, why did they choose Tokyo for their next location. I count myself among those wondering people.

I emailed Jason Maggio asking about this very thing, and he responded with the following:
“We already sell All Good to many retailers in Japan and this was an opportunity for this brand to tell the story in one place comprehensively for our Japanese customers. In addition, we have come to learn over the years that Japan celebrates outdoor and fashion in a way that is very much aligned with the ethos of our brand and products.”

He was very kind to respond to my question. They feature some of their products on social media, so you can check it out for yourself.


Since there is now a store in Tokyo, I don’t think you need to come to Portland to experience the nice vibes of the store. The only places in the world you can get the atmosphere of this brand are America and Japan. I do think you should see this brand with your own eyes.

You will get a better picture of what Portland, and the west coast in general, is like if you visit the store. Through this experience, if you start to want to visit Portland, I will be happy.

Furthermore, if you visit Portland, you may end up wanting to live here.


place1022 W Burnside St Unit P, Portland
time Mon – Sat : 11am-7pm, Sun : 12 – 8pm

web WEB


place 3-15-8, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
time Mon – Tue, Thu – Sun : 12 – 8pm, Wed : Closed

Instagram: @allgxxd_sac @allgxxd_pdx @allgxxdjapan

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